Written by Jacob Ibrag

Infused with intentions to question

every direction, she stood tall between mythical

creatures and fictional characters. ‘I see through your

words and misguided suggestions. Others feast on your

promises of limitless pleasures, rejecting the road painted

with growth and lack of instant gratification. I pray to fail

and rise, to drive through all your influence, to laugh

when I’ve fallen, to never give you an inch.’

Photography by Luca Pierro

16 comments on “Between

  1. I honour and enjoyed your piece. Meantime I share (while thanking for the inspiration, it being Wednesday.)


    For shame: another unwarranted symbolism

    The page has not – not – loaded completely
    Something went wrong – went wrong

    Digital – Digital – Digital – Digital

    Intent – Intention – Intentional

    Reboot – Reboot – Reboot

    Recovering now neither truth
    Nor whatever passed for a truth

    Back then, back then, back in the day
    When we postured as one posing as one

    While we – let’s admit it – uninvited – scammed

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  2. Reblogged this on Ben Naga.


  3. Imagination drifting throughout time,

    those, whom believe

    an are willing to see…

    That those characters, stunningly real… Step into my shoes

    for a moment,

    touched by a gift, which

    i believe is a living curse…

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  4. Shraddha Singh

    Nice !

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  5. Beautiful! 🌹

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  6. love this one, can’t help but reread it time and again

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  7. I enjoyed reading this. πŸ™‚

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