“Every man has his

 secret sorrows which the

world knows not; and often

times we call a man cold

when he is only sad.”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Photographer Unknown

8 comments on “Only

  1. so true…

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  2. littleaprilshower

    We always think of our own joys and happiness and we forget that other people have their own troubles which we often mistake as the sorrowful person who does not engage with other people as cold or weird because they are not like us. You can’t judge others when you don’t know what is going on with them.

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  3. Such an important reminder: am I projecting onto you, or are you project in onto me?

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  4. amybelle1

    This poem was made for my boyfriend! At first I thought he was hollow then I dug deeper and found out how amazing he is- I think I have to wait for when he feels ready to tell me things, not me asking

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  5. These words are so true.
    We hide our emotions well behind a veil and called cold and heartless. Those who take the time to lift the veil are well rewarded.

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  6. That couldn’t be more true.

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  7. Very true. ❤

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