Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘So, what are we doing now?’ She taps on the

skeleton of her aviators as if to remind herself that they’re

still within existence. ‘Are you listening or am I talking to a ghost?’

Moving a few inches towards her ear, I caution that dead hear everything,

‘and they speak if you so happen to want to listen. Besides, what’s the rush?

I traded my breath for a piece of your attention and last I checked, you’re

still on the clock.’ Restless. She swears on her writing hand that

the deed is done, ‘he won’t be a problem. There’s no one

left to touch us.’ Us. Curious assumptions.

Photographer Unknown

19 comments on “Assumptions

  1. This is simply lovely!

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  2. frcasper


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  3. Well articulated!

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  4. Very nice indeed😊

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  5. Love your writing!✨

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  6. Very metaphoric…

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  7. Extremely evocative. Ended up reading it several times. That trip really did leave its print, you’ve written some of your best work since you’ve been back. Awesome work Jake, keep it up! πŸ™‚

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  8. Deep and too the point!

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