Written by Jacob Ibrag

To plan is to carve memory at will.

It’s to see tomorrow and live it twice. It’s to

watch every yesterday and smile. There isn’t such

a thing. There is now and the next second if you were

written in it. There’s tension, breathe. You’re exactly

where you need to be. This is it. This is, living.

Photographer Unknown


36 comments on “Living

  1. quite perfectly put. one of my favorites.

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  2. paulkensettblog

    Simple and beautiful

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  3. Makes you think. I like this.

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  4. Beautiful. This is exactly what I needed to read.

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  5. This is beautiful. 🌟

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  6. Liven for ourselves, or placing human’s in their rightful place, within the darkness of space…

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  7. Lovely one! ^_^

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  8. There’s no need to plan every moment of your lives, instead, just live it from a moment to moment basis.

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  9. I really needed this 🙂 Thank you

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  10. brokentogolden

    Exactly what I needed today, perfectly written!


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