Large Rat by the Corner

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Large rat by the corner. Hungry. Staring. Looking at me. Fear. Making its move. Sprawling. Angry. Wanting. Its shape growing exponentially.

Eyes closing. Waiting. Tongue on cheek. Wet. Familiar. Reassuring.

Eyes opening. Tibetan Mastiff. A beast of a dog filled with love. Embracing.

Thinking. I swore it was a rat. What did it see? Misunderstanding, naturally.

Photo by Greg Panagiotoglou

This was a dream I had last night. I know I know, random. Maybe you can provide an interpretation.

3 comments on “Large Rat by the Corner

  1. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. dogs represent love, loyalty and devotion. rats illness and treachery if they are dark in color. fear warns of trouble ahead.

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