Written by Jacob Ibrag

Coincidence. Does a such a thing truly exist? To believe

that certain things happen accidentally and at random would

also mean that destiny and fate is a mere illusion. Is that what

this life really is? Are we just simply bumping in and out of each

other lives by mere chance? I saw you a day ago. In that single

moment, the biological functions of my body ceased to do its job.

My heart stopped pounding away. Completely breathless. This

feeling, I’ve never felt it before. I knew exactly where I wanted to

be in ten years. It’s all a blur now, you’ve altered me in ways I

didn’t know was possible. That moment in time will forever haunt

me. I was waiting for the train to come, and it finally did. My mind

was jumbled up, one thousand thoughts per second. I was looking

out to the world, but I wasn’t really looking. It was more like staring

out and seeing pixelated light. The train doors opened, and there you

were, reading your phone. Those brown curls stole my attention,

those eyes kept it forever. I had my whole life figured out, and now?

Coincidence, there’s no such thing. This is a fact I’ve accepted with

ease because just  one hour ago something crazy happened.

That girl from the train? She’s my new boss.

Photographer Unknown


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