Written by Jacob Ibrag

I just don’t know what to say anymore. You looked

at my face made due with killing me with your eyes. Lives

undone by your stares, voided confusions. Listen. Now I know

you see me as your fool but that can’t be anymore. I love you so

much but can’t keep falling on my sword. No Opportunity strikes

once and I adore the door you presented. Looking back now, I

say thanks. Looking back now, it’s all gravy. Sweetness you’ll

always be mine, remember when we shared that rare wine?

We clicked glasses, laughed at each others face’s. Laced smiles,

we embraced it. So when I said bye, know it’s all temporary.

Ill see you in another life. We’ll both be stars in the night

sky, illuminating for the ones around us. Shining

Glowing Laughing Drinking Loving For Us I

can hear the future now, we just crashed

in the constellations. Bang

Artist Unknown


1 comment on “Bang

  1. Love the ending. ❤️


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